Dance the Balkan Way 2016


You Are Invited - October 21-22!
Dance the Balkan Way 2016!

This is an opportunity to learn Bulgarian, Greek, Romanian, Serbian and Turkish dances from some of our best local dance instructors and visiting guest instructors.
You will also have the opportunity to enjoy a concert of the local dance groups Bulgari, Turkish Dancers, Izvorasul, and Greek Dancers of Minnesota.
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Cost *
• $30.00 for five classes, and two concerts
• Single class: $8.00, for students and children $5.00
• Gala concert: $12.00, for students $5.00
• Children 8 years old and under – FREE for the concerts
*Sessions in Tapestry are paid separately


Eight Fridays
Tapestry Folkdance Center - 3748 Minnehaha Avenue, Minneapolis
Fridays, August 26 to October 14
7:30-11:30 pm Instruction and dance sessions

Balkan Folk Dance Grand Weekend
Roseville Lutheran Church - 1215 Roselawn Ave. W., Roseville
Friday and Saturday, October 21-22

6 pm Dance classes with Angela Panoskaltsis-Mortari
and John Omorean
8 pm Folk dance concert with the Twin Cities Bulgari,
Turkish Dancers, Izvorasul, and Greek Dancers of Minnesota

10 am-4 pm Dance classes with Konstantin Marinov,
Michael Malich and Ahmet Luleci
6 pm Balkan Food and local live Music
8 pm Gala performance with Balkan Rhythms Orchestra from Chicago
and open stage